We want to make sure all our campers are prepared for adventure. We ask that parents assist in the packing of items to ensure that nothing is left behind and only appropriate items are brought along. Follow these checklists:

A Note about Modesty
Clothing should not expose upper thighs, belly, back, shoulders, underwear, or chest for ladies or gentlemen. This means no shorts shorter than finger length, halter-tops, midriff shirts, t-shirts with inappropriate designs or sayings, super baggy shorts, and no two-piece “bikini” bathing suits (two-piece “tankini” style is accepted).

Be Sure to Pack:

  • Sleeping Bag & Pillow

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Lightweight rain gear/poncho

  • Flashlight & extra batteries

  • Kleenex

  • Toiletries (deodorant, soap, shampoo)

  • Sneakers – Closed Toe Shoes (not optional)

  • Shower shoes/Flip flops

  • Sunglasses (preferably a cheap pair)

  • Towel and washcloth

  • Jeans or Casual Pants (2)

  • Shorts (2-3)

  • Swimsuit (1) (see note above)

  • T-shirts (5-6)

  • Jacket/sweatshirt for campfire (1)

  • Sleeping clothes

  • Socks (6)

  • Underwear (6)

  • Hat/Cap or Sun Visor (1)

  • Sunscreen (The sun is especially strong at our high elevation.) and lip balm/Chapstick/lip stuff.

    • Sunburns and chapped lips were our top health problems last summer!

  • Insect repellant (The bugs are plentiful at times, and we don't want to be itching or getting sick.)

  • Water bottle (closed top, reusable, and durable like Nalgene...we need to drink plenty of water at our high altitude)

  • Cash (dollar bills are best) for the Trading Post to get snacks each afternoon (approximately two dollar bills for five days = $10)

Optional Items to Bring

  • Camera & Film (preferably disposable with name on it)

  • Card Games

  • Book to read during break and FOB (Flat on Bunk quiet time each afternoon)

  • Beach Towel

  • Sports Equipment (though most things are at Camp already)

  • Musical Instrument (for playing during the week and at our talent show, but we are not responsible for any damage or mishandling, so bring at your own risk)

  • Personal journal & writing supplies

  • Cell phones (We do not have service or wireless internet at Camp Perkins but teens may use phones or devices as cameras.)

Leave It at Your House...

  • Anything on the banned substance list from the Youth Code of Conduct

  • Illegal Substances

  • Pets

  • Fireworks

  • Army knife

  • Any electronic distraction (games, MP3, laptops, iPads)

  • Expensive jewelry

  • ANY Food or drink (it is not allowed in cabins because it attracts small furry rodents, but if a camper needs food for allergies, contact us to make arrangements)

  • Your parents (they can drop you off and pick you up, but we promise not to let them stay!)